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Questions still linger after fatal 2017 auto accident on I-37

It has been two years since a fatal car accident in Corpus Christi, Texas claimed the life of a 4-year-old boy on the exit ramp to U.S. Highway 77 South near Calallen, KRIS TV reports.

Details of the deadly accident in Corpus Christi

In January 2017, a 4-year old boy, Aidyn Gonzales, was killed in an auto accident in Corpus Christi when a truck rear-ended his mother’s car while waiting on the exit ramp to get onto I-37. Two years after the deadly accident, road users are still expressing concerns over the safety of the ramp. Former Nueces County Commissioner, Mike Pusley has been among the leading voices demanding that safety measures been instituted to make the ramp safer. In the former Commissioners estimation, mothers cannot continue going to their child’s funeral because of the same dangerous situation presented at that intersection. The Texas Department of Transportation told KRIS TV that the agency is phasing in safety changes at the ramp. The first phase is a warning sign systems alerting people of the traffic ahead. This phase has been implemented for some time now. The other phase is to expand the exit ramp to two lanes. TxDOT says they expect this phase to be instituted March 2021. Pusley believes that the intersection needs to be redesigned and rebuilt to enhance smooth flow of traffic. “This needs to be fixed now,” he said.

Highway Entrance Ramp & Exit Ramp Accidents

A large percentage of car accidents that happen on our highways happen on the entrance and exit of highway ramps. Studies show that highway entrance and exit ramp intersections are the sites of more auto accidents per mile driven than other part of interstate highways. Hundreds of car accidents occur on these sites yearly when drivers are unfamiliar with a ramp pattern or are simply negligent of their duties to other road users. Drivers often negotiate the ramps at high speed, losing control and crashing into slowed or stalled traffic.

About 50% of all crashes at a ramp occurs when the at-fault driver is exiting an interstate, while 36% of these accidents occur when the drivers are entering the highway.  The rest happen near the middle of the ramp. Sometimes, poor roadway design can be the cause of ramp accidents. In such cases, you can file may be able to file a lawsuit against the roadway architects or the department of transportation.

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