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Trips to emergency rooms increase as scooter use rise in major cities

Injured electric-scooter riders going to emergency departments across the nation is on the rise according to the Washington Post, doctors say it may not be unconnected to the recent influx of the dockless e-scooter.

For instance, in Salt Lake City, Utah, rentable dockless scooters only became available in June, but according to one hospital, there has been about 161 percent increase in the number of injured riders compared to the same June – September period from 2017.

In Santa Monica, CA the fire department has responded to about 34 serious accidents involving electric scooters this summer alone. A doctor who runs an emergency department in one of the hospitals in the city said his team attended to 18 patients who were seriously injured in electric-scooter accidents during the last two weeks of July.

In San Francisco, CA as many as 10 serious personal injuries are treated in a week according to a doctor who runs ER in a major hospital in the city.

With the introduction of dockless fleet electric scooters by companies like Bird, Lime, and Skip, personal injuries are clearly on the rise. These companies have pitched a platform of safety as a top priority, yet there is no question, serious personal injuries have occurred as a result of the new influx of easy to rent, dockless fleet electrical scooters. These renters are not vetted in terms of their ability to control the scooter and operate it properly. Common personal injuries from dockless scooters include serious head injuries, broken bones, and neck and back trauma.

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