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Two dead and Two injured in Rockport, Texas Car Accident

According to multiple news outlets including the Associated Press, there was a fatal car accident in Rockport, Texas on July 31, 2018 which killed 2, and injured 2 others in Rockport, Texas. The car crash is said to have involved a passenger vehicle and an ambulance carrying two emergency medical responders.

Details of the Rockport, Texas car accident resulting in death and multiple injuries

The early morning car accident was investigated by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS). According to authorities, the violent Rockport car accident occurred when a passenger vehicle failed to yield the right of way to an ambulance, crashing into it, hitting the ambulance at a significant rate of speed causing injuries and death. Both occupants of the passenger vehicle were declared dead at the scene. The two men traveling in the passenger vehicle were said to be traveling to work at a plant located close to the scene of the car accident. The two medical personnel traveling in the ambulance during the Rockport car accident were transferred to a nearby hospital so their injuries from the car accident could be evaluated. Luckily, their injuries from the car crash are said to not be life threatening but it is not clear at this time, if they suffered neck and back injuries, broken bones, or other serious injury as a result of the unfortunate car accident.

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