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What should I be paying for representation after a car accident?

Being a car accident attorney, I am often asked by prospective car accident clients what our standard attorney fee is, how our fee compares to other car accident attorneys in Corpus Christi, and if there is a reason why fees are different at car accident law firms around the state. This short blog should help answer questions for folks who have been injured after a car accident in Corpus Christi or anywhere else in the state and are curious about the fees they will be charged by a car accident attorney.

The Standard Pre-Litigation Fee

The standard fee a car accident attorney will charge will vary, oftentimes somewhere between 33-40% of the final settlement amount. While this is the standard fee, there are no actual rules or laws that create this amount, only tradition. Some Texas car accident attorneys will charge you 33.33%, others will charge 35%, 37.5%, or 40%. Keep in mind, just because a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer has a higher fee, doesn’t mean they are a better car accident attorney for your matter. Judge your injury attorney by sitting down and conversing with them and considering recommendations from friends and family who have used a car accident attorney before.

Corpus Christi Car Accident Attorney Fees

The city you are injured in when involved in a car accident doesn’t determine how much of a fee you will be charged. If you had a car accident in Corpus Christi and were injured, and you hire a Corpus Christi car accident attorney, or if have a car wreck in Corpus Christi, but then hire an out of town car accident attorney, the fee is determined by the attorney and his or her office, not the city where the car crash happened.  In Corpus Christi after a car accident, accident attorney fees vary. I personally charge 1/3 of the settlement amount, but I know of other car accident attorney’s that upcharge but offer no real additional value.

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