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3 car accident in Corpus Christi after driver runs red light

On August 29, 2018, a driver in Corpus Christi ran a red light near Ennis Joslin and Nile, causing a three-vehicle car accident in Corpus Christi  Wednesday morning, according to KRISTV.

Details of the car accident in Corpus Christi, Texas

The Corpus Christi car accident occurred on Wednesday, August 29, 2018, at around 8 a.m after a distracted driver failed to stop at a red light causing a multi car accident. According to the Corpus Christi police department, a white SUV was heading south on Ennis Joslin when the driver ran a red light. The woman driving the SUV that ran the red light hit a black car that was traveling east on Nile and turning left onto Ennis Joslin. The impact of the car accident in Corpus Christi sent the SUV crashing into a red truck traveling north on Ennis Joslin that was stopped at alight. The woman driving the SUV was taken to a hospital after suffering personal injuries as a result of the Corpus Christi car accident.

Did you know? Facts about red light car accidents

Disregarding stop signs and stoplights is one of the most common traffic violations that can be avoided. This reckless act is also responsible for the majority of car accidents. Despite this, did you know drivers run red lights approximately 3.2 times per hour accounting for about 22 percent of all collisions. In 2014, red light runners were responsible for 709 deaths as a result of red light car accidents with 126,000 total personal injuries sustained in the same year.

What does the law say about turning on red?

In Texas, drivers are allowed to turn right on red, after stopping, unless there is a regulatory traffic sign advising against it.  However, the driver is required to look first and yield to other road users before turning. Overgrown hedges, tall buildings and other obstructions can impede the driver’s ability to see oncoming cars or pedestrians. However, blocked vision is no excuse. The turning driver must watch for traffic and take extra precautions to overcome all impediment. The law also allows drivers to turn left in a red light if both streets at the intersection are one-way.

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