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18-wheeler accident in Bedford causes fire

The westbound lanes of Highway 183 in Bedford were shut down on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 after an 18 wheeler crash in Bedford, Texas according to NBC DFW.

Details of the truck accident in Bedford, Texas

A Bedford 18- wheeler accident caused a massive fire last Wednesday. According to The Bedford fire department, the 18 wheeler accident near Dallas happened when an 18-wheeler traveling westbound on Highway 183 hit a delineator near Industrial Blvd., before taking out a road sign, spilling fuel and then catching fire. All the westbound lanes of the highway were closed as officers clear the scene of the firely 18 wheeler accident in Bedford, Texas. The lanes were reopened later that day.

Steps to safety in a car fire

  • When there is fuel spillage or whenever you see signs of car fire, the only thing you should worry about at that moment is your safety. Don’t ignore these signs or try to correct the faults on your own.
  • Immediately turn off the engine: Overheating engine and electrical spark can energize the fire.
  • Ventilate to prevent suffocation: Open the doors and windows to reduce smoke and fumes, so you don’t pass out.
  • Unbuckle yourself: Free yourself from any restraint: After unbuckling yourself, try to help other occupants of the car to get loose.
  • Get out: Get out from the vehicle as quickly as possible while helping others do the same.
  • Step back from the vehicle: Stay far away from the car. Fumes, gasoline, and some cargoes can ignite and explode very quickly creating a big fire.
  • Get help: Call 911 so that firefighters personnel who are specially trained and equipped to handle car fires can put out the flames. Don’t attempt to extinguish the fire yourself.

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