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First responders injured in Hutchins, Texas car accident

Four emergency personnel were injured after an SUV hit a police squad car in Hutchins, Texas according to WFAA.

Details of the car accident near Dallas, Texas

The car accident in Dallas, happened in Hutchins, southeast of Dallas on Saturday morning, October 6 2018. Two police officers and two firefighters were checking out a single-vehicle Dallas car accident in Hutchins, they were knocked to the ground by a squad car that had been hit by an out of control SUV. The dash camera video shows an out of control SUV slamming into the squad car, spinning it around and hitting the first responders standing in front of it. Of the four first responders, a Hutchins firefighter suffered significant personal injury suffering broken ribs, a fractured vertebra, and a lacerated kidney as a result of the auto accident in Dallas.

Tips For Driving On Wet Roads To Prevent Accidents

No one enjoys driving in a bad weather condition. When the road is wet the likelihood of getting into a car accident increases. Hydroplaning and poor road condition are the leading causes of car accidents in adverse weather conditions.

  • USE COMMON SENSE: When driving in a wet condition, obeying traffic rules and using common sense are very important. For instance, when driving on a road where you are allowed to travel 100km per hour when it is raining or in any other instances when the road is wet, you should reduce your speed to a rate you can control. The reason for this is that most of the time, visibility is affected. When it rains so heavily that your wipers are not able to wipe the rain off your windscreen properly, you probably shouldn’t be driving.
  • TEST THE ROAD: Whenever you are driving on a wet road, try to test the road while you are still on the road with low traffic. When you drive with little speed and apply the brakes, the way your vehicle reacts to the road gives you an indicator of the best driving techniques to use.
  • USE EXTRA CAUTION: It can be difficult to accelerate and brake when there is water on the roads. You should always reduce your speed, on your headlights, and leave enough distance between you and the car ahead when you are driving in adverse weather conditions. In most cases, driving through flooded roads is not worth the risk!

Enlist the legal knowledge of a car accident lawyer in Dallas

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