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Car Catches on Fire After Laredo Car Accident

A car caught on fire after hitting a pole next to a gas pump on Thursday morning, August 16, 2018 according to the Laredo fire department.

Details of the Laredo car accident

According to KGNS TV,  a Dodge Avenger was involved in a Laredo, Texas car accident after it burst into flames on Thursday, August 16, 2018 around 5:30 a.m. at the Valero gas station at 4801 San Bernardo Avenue in Laredo, Texas. The car accident in Laredo took place after the car crashed near a gas pump causing the fire.

Surveillance video shows the moment when the Laredo, Texas driver lost control of his vehicle, and as he was trying to turn, he crashed into a pole near the gas pump. Police investigation reveals the car was heading north on San Bernardo when the driver somehow lost control due to excessive speed and drove into the Valero.  The pump wasn’t damaged, and the driver was taken to the hospital for personal injury suffered after the car accident in Laredo, Texas. Luckily, any personal injury he may have suffered from the Laredo car accident were said to be non-life threatening.

Quick Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

  • Focus on the task: Don’t be distracted from your main objective which is driving safely to avoid causing a personal injury to yourself or to another after a car accident. Most people are distracted by their phones, radio, navigation service, kids in the backseat, etc.
  • Expect other drivers to make mistakes: Think of yourself as the only sane person on the road. Expect and anticipate reckless driving. Don’t trust anyone but yourself.
  • Always wear your seatbelt: Many car accident injuries can be prevented by the simple act of wearing your seatbelt.
  • Prepare for adverse weather conditions: when it rains the road becomes wet and slippery your braking times increase.
  • Maintain your vehicle: Always keep your vehicle in good condition to avoid a car accident that might result in a personal injury. Checking your tires and replacing them when they are worn out will reduce the risk of you being involved in a car accident where you suffer a personal injury or another person suffered a personal injury.
  • Use your turn signal: Always use your turn signal when you want to change lanes or U-turns. Confusion on the road is one of the common causes of car accidents.

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