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Car crashes into Fort Worth, Texas home

A home was left in tatters in Fort Worth, Texas after a car smashed into its walls on Thursday October 11, 2018 according to Dallas News.

Details of the Fort Worth car accident

Around 8:50 p.m. on Thursday, October 11, 2018, a car crashed into a home in the 5600 block of Hensley Drive south of Interstate 20 in the southern part of Fort Worth. The car accident in Fort Worth left the home heavily damaged. It’s unclear if anyone was at home when the car smashes through the wall of the home. Police are still investigating the cause of the crash at the time this blog was written.

Getting compensation after a car crashes into your home

Imagine sitting down in your home watching Netflix when all of a sudden, a vehicle crashes into your living room. As far-fetched as this scenario might sound, it happens. So, what are your options?

The expenses of repairing your home and getting medical attention for your injuries can be overwhelming. Knowing how to get compensation for your damages and medical expenses will go a long way to relieve you of the stress.

In most cases, the driver of the vehicle currently parked in your living room is held responsible for the damages. However, there might be other at-fault party whose action culminated into the auto accident.  When you open up an accident claim with the drivers’ insurance company, they will only pay to the limit of the insurance plan the driver is using. The damages to your home and the medical expenses incurred may be so much that the compensation you receive from the driver’s insurance company is not enough. This is why you need a competent Texas car accident attorney by your side.

Contact a car accident lawyer in Texas today

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