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Dallas man dies after crashing into a semi-truck

A man died in a truck accident in Fort Worth on October 13, 2018 after his car crashed into a stalled 18-wheeler on Interstate 35W, according to the Star-Telegram.

Details of the deadly 18 wheeler accident in Fort Worth

According to reports and investigations that are still ongoing at this time, the driver of the car was driving along on I-35 W when he hit an 18-wheeler that was stalled on the 1000 block of the freeway in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth trucking accident victim, a 28-year-old Alberto Garcia from Dallas, was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly after the accident.

Understanding the Legal Process after a trucking accident in Texas

Trucking accident cases can be complex. Below are only a few of the steps taken by a trucking accident lawyer after a Texas 18 wheeler accident:

  • Investigations: It is important you contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as the trucking accident happens. This makes it possible for your truck accident lawyer to conduct an adequate investigation while evidence is still available and witness testimony can be relied on. The independent investigation conducted by your personal injury lawyer will ensure you get fair compensation from the insurance company. The insurance companies are always looking to lower the compensation they pay by gathering only evidence that favors them.
  • File A Claim: After thorough investigations have been conducted and evidence gathered, your Fort Worth personal injury lawyer will file a claim. Your personal injury claim, whether it was a result of a car accident in Texas, truck accident in Texas, or any other personal injury event, should include compensation for your medical expenses and property damage. It will also be stated in your claim that your injuries and damages were caused by the truck driver’s, or trucking company’s negligence.
  • Negotiation: A personal injury claim can be settled in many ways. If liability is not contested and your Texas injury attorney and the at-fault party insurance company can come to an agreement, your case will be resolved out of court, and you will be paid a reasonable amount of compensation for your pain and suffering. However, if both parties can’t reach an agreement, your case will be resolved in a court, and a judge or jury will determine the amount you are entitled to.
  • Litigation: This step will only be taken if both parties failed to reach an agreement during negotiations. The insurance company and your attorney will both present their cases before a judge or jury, and all evidence is presented before the verdict is passed. The verdict will determine the financial compensation you will receive.

Contact a car accident lawyer in Texas today

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