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High speed chase results in Dallas, Texas car accident

Seven people, including two Dallas police officers, were hurt at the end of a hot police pursuit that resulted in a fiery Dallas car accident according to Fox 4 News.

Details of the Dallas, Texas car accident

On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, officers of the Dallas police department were chasing a stolen vehicle when their cruiser and the suspected stolen car collided with different vehicles causing a number of personal injuries.  The car accident in Dallas, Texas occurred at about 9 a.m. at the intersection of Marsh Lane and Townsend Drive in Dallas. The suspected stolen car, a grey Ford sedan, was speeding when it crashed into a black pickup truck at the intersection of Marsh and Townsend. Both cars burst into flames immediately after the car accident. The police cruiser then crashed into a white work truck causing another car accident, that was heading south on Marsh. Witness says both occupants of the stolen car were teenagers and were handcuffed at the scene after the fiery Dallas car crash. Dallas Fire department confirmed that all seven injured people- the two officers, the two teens in the stolen car, the two people in the black pickup, and the driver of the white work pickup- sustained personal injury as a result of the Dallas car accident.

Did you know? Interesting facts about High-speed police pursuits

Did you know this car accident statistic?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, high-speed police pursuit kill on average 365 people and at least 150 innocent pedestrians per year. 

What about this one?

40 percent of all pursuits end in a car accident. Despite the dangers, high-speed chases are often initiated for what begins as a misdemeanor offense.

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