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Mom and son dead after rear end car accident in Burleson, Texas

A mother and her adult son are dead after being involved in a multiple car accident in Burleson, Texas over the weekend according to the Star-Telegram.

Details of the Burleson, Texas car accident

According to reports, the car accident in Burleson happened on Sunday night, at the 3200 block of I-35W near Farm-to-Market Road 917. The victims suffered serious personal injury as a result of the Burleson car accident and were pronounced dead as a result of the auto accident. The son and mother were traveling with family in two separate cars when the rear end Texas car accident occurred. According to Burleson police chief, the first vehicle had two sons in it and the second car had the mom, dad and another brother. The vehicle with the mother in it stalled out, and the sons attempted to push the car off the road. While pushing, they got rear ended by another vehicle whose driver was not intoxicated according to police, but just couldn’t see them because it was dark. According to authorities, both victims died at the scene of the Burleson car accident according to the authorities. Burleson is a suburb of Fort Worth, southwest of Dallas, Texas.

How to drive safely at night to avoid a car accident and resulting personal injuries

A survey revealed that 40% of all collisions occur in the hours of darkness. Safe practices when driving at night include:

  • Keep windows clean to reduce glare and flare.
  • Help other road users see you in twilight by turning your headlights on before sunset and keeping them on for some time after sunrise.
  • Have your eyes checked regularly for defects which can affect your night vision.
  • Do not have your headlights turned on too brightly because you could distract the other drivers.
  • Be aware that drunk drivers are frequent in the night, so be prepared to give them more space.
  • Watch out for pedestrians, especially near bars and clubs.
  • Start your journey early, so you’re not driving under pressure.

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