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Nueces County sheriff’s deputy killed in motorcycle accident

A Nueces County sheriff’s deputy was killed in a motorcycle accident near Corpus Christi, Texas according to Nueces County Sheriff.

Details of the Nueces County motorcycle crash

The Deputy, Dustin White, was killed in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident in Corpus Christi at the intersection of Kiewit Road and Main Street on Saturday August 18, 2018 according to the Corpus Christi Caller Times. Sadly, the officer was not wearing a helmet, which likely contributed to his personal injuries as a result of the Corpus Christi motorcycle accident, as well as his eventual death shortly after the crash. “Dustin was absolutely, without reservation, one of the better deputies that we had working for us,” Nueces County Sheriff, Jim Kaelin said. The sheriff described the young Deputy White as being conscientious, dedicated, dependable and hard-working. The motorcycle accident near Corpus Christi is still under investigation.

Safety tips to avoid a motorcycle accident in Corpus Christi:

Wear a helmet- This is the easiest way to avoid personal injuries from a motorcycle accident in Corpus Christi.

Wear appropriate gear- wearing appropriate gear can keep you safe and help avoid a Corpus Christi motorcycle accident.

Follow traffic rules- Obeying the speed limit can ensure you are doing your part to avoid a motorcycle accident in Corpus Christi.

Ride Defensively- Don’t assume that another driver can see you.

Keep your riding skills up to date- Complete a formal riding education program and make sure you are properly licensed.

Be awake and ride sober- Don’t drink and ride. Drinking and rising is one of the leading causes of avoidable Corpus Christi motorcycle accidents.

Preparing to Ride- Making sure that your motorcycle is fit for the road.

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