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Two dead after head on car accident in Dallas, Texas

Two drivers are dead after being involved in a head-on car crash in Dallas, Texas early Saturday morning in Dallas according to CBS DFW.

Details of the Dallas, Texas car accident

The car accident in Dallas, Texas on Saturday August 18, 2018 involved a white pickup truck and a gray Chrysler 300. Dallas car accident occurred on South Prairie Creek Road near C.F Hawn Freeway at around 2 am early Saturday morning. According to police, the driver of the white pickup was speeding when he crashed into a curb and went over the median into southbound lanes where he struck the gray Chrysler 300 head-on, causing a violent car accident in Dallas, Texas which sadly resulted in the death of both drivers.

What is Dangerous Driving?

Many drivers are not aware that intent is not a required element to dangerous driving. This means that falling asleep behind the wheel, distraction while driving and not seeing other motorists when you should have, can all be considered types of dangerous driving though they are not intentional and can cause violent car accidents that can result in serious personal injuries. The circumstances that are used to determine whether someone acted dangerously when driving:

  • The nature and condition of the vehicle
  • The number of persons, vehicles or other things that could reasonably be expected to be in the place
  • The level of alcohol in the driver’s blood and
  • The presence of any other mind-altering substance in the driver’s body.

Some specific classifications of dangerous driving include:

  • Burnouts, doughnuts, drifting, revving engines, screeching brakes and skidding.
  • Street Racing: it includes time trials and speeding.
  • Driving Recklessly: Intentionally endangering other road users, for example by dangerously changing lanes.
  • Ignoring Traffic Rules: Showing a blatant disregard for road rules and signs

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