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Whenever clients call after a car crash, an 18-wheeler wreck or a company vehicle accident, a common concern is how to deal with lingering pain and soreness. Your upper back and lower back may be tight or sore, or even worse, you may be experiencing tingling or numbness traveling down your extremities. A common way to address these issues after a car wreck, collision with an 18-wheeler or big truck, or a company vehicle, is chiropractic treatment and manipulation. A number of different chiropractic treatments can be offered when visiting a chiropractor, so it is important to understand what might be helpful for your specific back injury chiropractor’s medical facility, many of which are described in detail on the website Spine Health and also included below.

1) Spinal manipulation and manual manipulation. High-velocity thrusts or “adjustments” which are used to improve overall wellness and functionality. It is also used to reduce nerve irritability and to restore range of motion.

2) Chiropractic mobilization. Mobilization, or low velocity manipulation is treatment focus on range of motion.

3) Heat and Cold. Chiropractors will also use heat and ice therapy to treat back pain and encourage blood circulation.

4) Exercise. Chiropractors may provide patients with instructions for an exercise program which includes stretching and manipulation exercises.

5) Massage. Massage is also commonly used to reduce inflammation and soreness.

6) Electrical muscle stimulation. This sort of therapy includes the use of electrodes within the intention of reducing inflammation and soreness.

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