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If you or a loved one has been recently involved in a car wreck with an 18-wheeler, you know what kind of tailspin an event like that can create. In Corpus Christi, 18-wheeler wrecks happen more frequently than other similarly populated areas, because roads are congested, and big trucks, big rigs, and 18-wheelers don’t have the proper room to drive. Being side swiped by an 18-wheeler in Corpus Christi or rear ended by an 18-wheeler in Corpus Christi for instance, can have devastating results for everyone involved. If you or a loved one was involved in an 18-wheeler accident with a big rig in Corpus Christi make sure to take the following steps to make sure your injuries are addressed and you are properly compensated for the damage. If you need further assistance please contact a Corpus Christi truck accident lawyer.

STEPS TO TAKE AFTER AN 18-WHEELER ACCIDENT IF YOU ARE INJURED:This is an image of Minesh J. Patel a lawyer with The Patel Firm in Texas

1) If you are able, document the scene by taking pictures of the damage to your car, the damage to the 18-wheeler, as well as any skid marks.

2) Document the 18-wheeler’s identifying numbers so you can properly pursue the big rig that caused your injuries.

3) Make sure to record the police officer’s information, the police department that responded, as well as the crash number.

4) Go to the hospital after any 18-wheeler wreck. You never know how injured you might be. It’s important to go to the hospital after any accident, especially after an accident with a massive 18-wheeler.  If you are in Corpus Christi and are hit by an 18-wheeler, there are a number of medical facilities that can assist you.

Bottom line, make sure you get checked out, and make sure you have representation, so you are not taken advantage of the insurance company. After an 18-wheeler wreck, it is more important than ever to be properly represented. Call The Patel Firm PLLC today at (361) 400-2036 for a free consultation today. 24/7/365, there is always an attorney ready to consult with you, free of charge, after any injury following an 18-wheeler accident in Corpus Christi. Contact us today.

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