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Three things commercial truck drivers should never do

Commercial car accidents can cause serious injuries, even death. A Corpus Christi truck wreck with a company vehicle or 18-wheeler crash can turn lives upside down. To curb the incidence of accidents involving commercial trucks, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued some rules and regulations that all commercial truck drivers must follow. The goal of these regulations is to reduce and if possible eliminate accidents involving commercial trucks. Despite the harsh punishment that follows the violation of these regulations, many truckers are still practicing the following dangerous behaviors.

Here are a list of practices commercial truck drivers should NEVER engage in when operating a commercial vehicle:

  • Use of cellphone: This is one of the common behaviors that result in severe traffic accidents. The FMCSA bans the use of cellphone behind the wheel. A violation of this rule attracts hefty fines for truckers and their companies whether or not the behavior results in an accident.
  • Use of radar detector: Some drivers like to have a radar detector at hand to know when a police patrol car is close. This device is prohibited in commercial trucks as it is believed that it will encourage reckless driving when the driver sense that police are not nearby.
  • Giving rides to unauthorized passengers: Most truckers violate this rule by bringing along family and friends who maybe need a ride to the same place they are heading. Carrying passengers without the authorization of the trucking company is not allowed.

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