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Why a well-functioning 18-wheeler trailer is important

The trailer is the cargo-part of an articulated truck and usually bears the most stress in the combination. It is therefore important to maintain and keep the tractor in an optimal condition to prevent tractor-trailer accidents. Despite the fact that these trailers carry tons of weight, many trucking companies fail to properly care for their trailers, which could lead to disastrous trucking accidents on our roadways. The hardships after an accident with a tractor trailer may seem unbearable, but the help of an experienced trucking accident attorney can help relieve a significant amount of the burden. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident call a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer at The Patel Firm PLLC today. Our Corpus Christi accident attorneys will hold negligent truck owners responsible for the damages they cause to you and your family.

Trailers are More Than Just A Compartment on Wheels

It is easy to dismiss the trailer as just the container pulled by the truck portion of the tractor trailer unit. While this is partly true, a trailer is so much more than that. Trailers usually have braking and electrical systems different from the rest of the unit, and up to 8 wheels of the vehicle are attached to this part of the unit. Failure to maintain these parts can affect the whole vehicle and cause deadly truck accidents. An experienced personal injury lawyer can reconstruct the accident and consult with experts to determine the specific malfunction.

The Basics of Trailer Maintenance

Apart from having no engine, the trailer has just as many parts as the main truck. Most trailers have eight tires, four on each of its two axles. Each of the axles has an independent suspension and braking system controlled electrically and hydraulically. Trailers also have their own turn signals, running lights and many other parts which can affect its performance. Just like regular automobiles, citations are issued if the trailer’s lights and turn signals are not in operation.

Why Trailer Maintenance is Important

Mechanical faults are more likely to occur when proper maintenance is not carried out properly. Mechanical issues including under inflated, flat, worn out or damaged tires; faulty brakes; broken axles; faulty suspensions; and failing parts can lead to big rig trailer accidents. So, when trucking companies fail to maintain their vehicles, they are putting the life of the driver and everyone else on the road at risk. A personal injury lawyer will hold the trucking company responsible for the damages they cause due to mechanical faults of the tractor trailer.

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