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Four people were sent to the hospital after a rear-end collision involving a passenger car and an SUV on Weber Road on December 21, 2018 according to KIII-TV.

Details of the car accident in Corpus Christi

According to the authorities that responded to the Corpus Christi car accident, the accident happened about 6:30 p.m. on Friday, December 21, 2018, on the 7600 block of Weber Road. A white passenger car was speeding down the road and was unable to slow down in time to avoid hitting the SUV, officials said. The impact of the violent Corpus Christi auto accident caused the passenger car to burst into flames. Troopers say four people involved in the crash were taken to the hospital to be evaluated for personal injuries. Preliminary investigations showed that no alcohol was involved in the accident. Authorities and officials are still investigating what caused the fire and did state citations would be issued. 

Car fires: What to do when the heat is on

If you notice any potential sign of car fire (a wisp of smoke or flame), follow these steps to help ensure your safety:

  • Don’t ignore the signs: when you notice signs of a potential fire like sparks, smoke or flames, don’t understate these signs as a wisp of smoke can turn into a raging fire. Your priority should be your safety. Don’t try to locate the source of the smoke or flames on your own. 
  • Turn off your engine immediately: heated engines, fuel fumes can feed the fire. The issues with the car that caused the fire are likely to be subverted when you turn off the engine.
  • Ventilate: This is to ensure you don’t pass out. Open or break a window to remove the toxic fumes and smoke.
  • Safe yourself first: your first instinct might be to save your loved one, but you can’t be of much help if you are still restrained in your seat. Unbuckle your seat belt. 
  • Exit the vehicle: Get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. Help other occupants of the vehicle do the same. If for any reasons the door is jammed, break a window far away from the fire and get out.
  • Move away from the vehicle: step back and move away from the vehicle. A seemingly small fire can explode and become fierce very quickly.
  • Call for help: Call the fire department. Resist the urge to quench the fire yourself. Let the experienced emergency personnel extinguish the fire.

Contact a car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi to discuss your options

If you or your loved ones have been involved in an auto accident resulting in a car fire and have been injured, call a Corpus Christi car accident lawyer at The Patel Firm PLLC. Help direct your case in the right direction and protect your future, and the future of your loved ones by allowing The Patel Firm PLLC and personal injury lawyer In Corpus Christi Minesh J. Patel to evaluate your matter to determine how we can help. You deserve to be compensated after a car accident or truck accident in Corpus Christi that was no fault of your own.

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